Ashraf Ali Thanvi kufr issue (Disrespect of prophet in Hifzul Iman Ilm e Gaib)

kufr ISSUE OF ILME GAIB and alleged Disrespect of prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam by Ashraf Ali Sb in Hifzul Iman

Barelvi Primary Allegations : Ashraf Ali Thanwi (DEOBANDI) is ……………..(Everyone knows the word ,I don’t want to repeat for anymuslim.(MaazAllah)

Secondary Allegation : All others who have a doubt over ………….of ashraf Ali are also ………………….(Same word I will not repeat)

Secondary Allegation: Deobandi has aqeeda that Huzur Pak Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam has very little ilme e gaib (Giving example of very low creation llike child/mad man/animal)

Proof : In hifzuliman he has written a sentence ……………………………………………………………………………………………….

(Method of proving in forums/ without investigation): Paste a scanned page. And proove As ashraf ali and all others have done disrespect ……….. They are ……………(I will not repeat). Job well done.

Investigation by a Muslim (Not a reply to anyone/no defense,Just investigation and fact finding)

  1. Endless discussion has been in the word Aisa/itna/jaisa/jitna/chunke/agar from both side. For knowing detail go to any, so called Islamic forum. Both group will present there case with arguement looking like a new Imam Gazali (R.A) has come.(Imam Gazaal, and Abul Hasan Ashari (R.A) established supremacy of Islam against deviated philosophical approach by rational arguments) I was hearing a video on you tube in the same case two persons came for diffending with different words but thanks to the logic of the opponent, he proved both the defender as offender from their own words. Such a great skill muslim are having.
Alas ,Has these skill be utilized for the mission of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam , of striving and ensuring heaven for all even Hazrat Wahshi and Hazrat Hinda (Razi Allah Anhuma).

We have read this book Hifzul Iman with Bastulbayan. 

INVESTIGATION REPORT.........on the matter

CLARIFICATION FROM ASHRAF ALI Himself.What he says.......

1st Point
Actualy this issue of Ilm Gaib and disrespect with respect to this Sentence in Hifzul Iman came to Ashraf Ali in his life time. And he has clarified it in most possible term about his intention with a book k/a Bastulbayan and made this bastulbayan as permanant part of the original book.

He has written Bastul Bayan (page no 10 ,11)

“I have never written this khabees (…………..) passage in any book, What to talk about writing I have never thought of it in my heart. This meaning is not from any of my writing.Any person who has this belief or without having this belief clearly or ambiguously say this. I consider him out of the fold of Islam, because he is lying against nusus qatiya (Without doubt finality of deen ) and degrading the status of Hazarat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.”

In HifzulIman Ashraf Ali Thanvi also write (Page no 9)
“Muhammad (S.A.W.) was full  with all the knowledge needed for nabuwat” 

  1. Changing of the sentence itself...BY ASHRAF ALI
Till now we saw that he has clarified his intention and meaning. Now see another evidence. As he came to know that this sentence is being misinterpreted. So to cut the root itself he changed the sentence itself and made an announcement and that announcement was made part of the original book Hifzul Iman.

I change this sentence after AGAR ………………….TO ILME GAIB by this way .Now the sentence of Hifzul Iman will now be read as follows.

“If certain (not complete) knowledge of unseen is the meaning of (calling him ALIMULGAIB), then certain knowledge of unseen is available to other non prophet alaihissalam also , then by this rule everyone should be called as ALIMUL GAIB”

Those want to know the official version of Deoband. They can see in full below link


  1. Ashraf Ali wrote a doubtful sentence in his book hifzul iman which was having two meaning. One of his meaning was apparent disrespect to prophet,
  2. When he was asked, He declined in emphatic way that this meaning he has not even thought in his remote corner of his mind and heart.
  3. Finally to clear any doubt he changed the sentence itself.
Now on this basis any person can have an answer for the questions raised initially.

  1. As Ashraf Ali has changed his sentence so the punishment is ?????????????????
  2. As with the change of sentence all the shadow on ashraf ali is weaned off so if deobandi Alims for pleasing Barelvi brothers declare Ashraf Ali as Kafir (Nau zubillah) as demanded. Then deobandi will come under this Hadith and will loose their own Iman.
The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) has said:
Whoever charges a believer with unbelief is as though he had killed him” (Bukhari, 8.32: 6105. S).
Any man who says, ‘O kafir” to his brother, one of them deserves the name” (Bukhari, 8.32: 6104. S).
Judging anyone who regards himself a Muslim to be an unbeliever is a matter not taken lightly by anyone who understands its consequences. It is difficult to think of a direr warning, and its purpose is clearly to dissuade Muslims of religion and good sense from judging anyone who professes Islam to be an unbeliever unless there is irrefutable proof.
For most of the other point of contention between barelvi and deobandi is also of the same serotype except one or two that have some substance in it.
What Barelvis should do now
. There are more than circumstantial evidence to believe that because of slow communication facility and gap confusion and misunderstanding arose between elder ulemas of last century. They should accept the real situation on ground and should think about decreasing the gap. And if any problem they have with any particular person they should take it at personal level instead of taking as group
What Deobandi should do now
For the unity of ummat They should approach their barelvi counterparts and should tell them that we are accepting the slip of pen of Ashraf Ali Thanwi, and some other ulema of last century.
They should not hesitate in it as it will not anyway decrease the status of Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Rahmatullah Alaihi) ,who has written nearly 1000 books including Translation of the Holy quran. So if with such voluminous work some slip of pen/error of judgment/ mistakes are found .It is normal and nothing unusual. He was a human being and was not free from error.
And this sort of mistake are in writing of all scholars of all groups (including deobandis and barelvis) (I have evidence for Barelvis also but Islam has commanded me to not to expose fault of any muslim that Allah has covered)

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