What is difference between Barelvi and Deobandi

To understand differences between barelvi and deobandi first we will know their position with respect to Aqeeda school and with respect to school of Islamic Jurisprudence.

For undersatanding any difference it is important to know similarity also so BEFORE GOING TO DIFFERENCE LET US KNOW ABOUT SIMILARITY

1.Follower of Imam Abu Hanifa,(R.A) in the matter of Fiqh.
2.They follow Same school of aqeeda of Ahle sunnat wal Jamaat that is Ashahari/Maturidi.
3.Agreed on tasawwuf (Both are related with all four chains of tasawwuf)

 What is the difference????????????

1.  As they follow same school of Aqeeda and are Hanafi also so Obviously the difference is not basic rather superficial in nature with respect to Islamic ideology.

2.Initially the difference was purely personal and historical .
3.With the passage of time this rivalry has included some religiocultural differences and some ideological differences of superficial nature.

The areas of controversy
 For understanding it can be divided into three subclassess. 

 1.Difference with regard to some Religiocultural customs like, 

          eg. Celebration of URS at Aulia Allah graves 
Barelvi Alaim allow the Urs with following condition
1.If it is free from unislamic practices. like money making, 
2.No Women should be allowed.As for women visiting Drgah is Haram even if they come in Pardah.
Islam doesnot allow women to come at Mazar.
3.There should not be any TAWAF of Qabar
4.There should not be any Sjada of Qabar.

But Deobandi point is that Urs was not clebrated by Sahaba karam and by Aulia Allah  for their elders so they will not celebrate)
Deobandi are agreed on karamate aulia and give very high regard to Aulia Allah and sufia karam
Rather Deobandi Alim Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi has written Biography of Sheikhul Mashaekh Abdul Qadir Jeelani Rahmatullah Alaihi ,Khwaja Ahmad sarhindi(Mujaddid Al Fasani Rahmatullah  and NIZAMUDDIN Aulia R.A. and 

Another Deobandi Alim shaikhul hadees Maulana Zakaria sb has written Tarikh e Mashaikhe Chisht of the series of sheikh Moiniddin chishti R.A of Ajmer........................Deobandis  are 100% sufi.But they dont endorse any Bidat Practices on the name of Sufism. 

2.Commemorating 30 ,40 days (Teeja Chaleesa) of dead etc...................
Barelvi do it
Deobandi do not do it.They say that Nabi e Pak Shaba and Aulia Allah has not done it .So we will not do

3. Mawlood/Meelad Shareef
Deobandi Alims are divided into celebration of Mawlood. Some of them permits if no islmic ruling is violated rather they do it in the form of JALSA SEERATUNNABI. But they do it throughout the year and not only in Rabiul Awwal or 12th rabiul awwal

Some Deobandi are telling that sahaba did not do it and it was started after 300 years of islam so it is not correct 

but Deobandis are not very harsh in general on mawlood. They consider it as superficial matter.


2. The so called difference about Aqeeda Matter
                    Actually in Aqeedah Even in detail of Aqeeda they follow same book like Aqeedatuttahawi, Sharah Aqaid by Taftajani (R.A).

But It is alleged that Barelvis has following Aqeeda About Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.that.
  • He is  that means made of light "NOOR"
  • He is (present in many places at the same time). hazir
  • He is (witnessing all that goes on in the world). nazir
  • He has b (knowledge of the unseen/unknown completely and nothing is hidden).ilm-e-ghai
  • He is  (having the authority to do whatever he desired) mukhtaar kul
(......................Why I have written it is alleged that when we go through original barelvi books it is evident that although they uses these words like HAZIR ,NAZIR,ILME GAIB...........BUT

They have made explanation of these term that their apparant meaning should not be taken.........
eg NOOR does not mean he was made up of NOOR but he was Noor in the sense of spread of light after his arrival ..........But their are some present day ulema who has taken extreme view on these matter and have complicated the problem but the mainstream BARELVI ULEMA view is modest and their view is not much different)

After going into original book of  t it was found that it is mere controversy of the network of words and sentences
that is leading to this infamous fighting of muslims.
IF ULEMA OF BOTH SIDE WILL SIT TOGETHER AND WILL DISCUSS AND CLARIFY they will find that the ambiguous use of words are creating problems rather than their actual position.


3. Third Area of contrversy is actually bye product of MISTRUST/FIGHTING/ATTEMPT TO MALIGHN EACH OTHER.

This type of controversy erupted and was nurtured to gain the public sentiments and to capitalize their support in the favour of their group and to DEFAME THE ULEMA OF OTHER GROUP.

1.Because of group ism and rivalry both group accuse each other on the basis of writing of scholar of past.

2. Main area of controversy is about some of the sentences written by founder ulemas of both group and their interpretational differences by founder Ulema of other group respectively.

BARELVI accuse fault in the writing of DEobandi Alims
Maulana Ashraf Alai Thanwi Sb,
Maulana Qasim Nanoutwi sb etc...........

Wheras DEOBANDI accuse fault int he writing of
Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan Sb and some others.

 Common feature of this sort of allegation

(A) All these ALLEGATION are interpretative and extrapolation of actual sentences and the writer has denied the wrong meaning. 

(B) If you read complete page/2 - 3 paragraph of writing with context of the article /book you will find no wrong thing in either case.
(c) But the fighting groups present isolated sentences out of context and cover their interpretational meaning.
(d) These are maily slip of pen/unsuitable example and not matter of Aqeedah/believes.But they present as Aqeedah matter


3. This type of fighting became very serious  by the Fatwa of kufr against each other. It started nearly 100 years back.It also has a clause of association of kufr that means those who do not accept the fatwa of  kufr ,they are also kafir. 

4. This led to the widening of GAP /MISTRUST AND IRREPARABLE DAMAGE TO THE UMMATE MUSLIMA. (May allah pardon all of us)

5. Deobandi scholars clarified their position about the sentences and those who were alive Asharaf Ali and Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri changed the controversial sentences altogether to end the matter of controversy completely.

6. Deobandi Ulema of past took a moderate view they criticised Ahmad Raza khan for false allegation and FATWA OF KUFR against them but they didn't do any counter attack of similar kind against barelvi ulemas.

Present Situation

5. Even after death of big scholars of past their generation carried on the fighting and situation became bad to worse.

6. At present big Ulema of deoband are not involving on this issue at all and they are working on positive issue only some .

Now some middle level deobandi ulema has come up with same type of allegation against barelvi ulema of Past to put them in same condition as barelvi did initially for ULMAE D EOBAND. 
7. They  have come up with book "BARAILWIAT HAQEEQAT KE AINE MEIN" and AHMAD RAZA HAYAT AUR KARNAME with 45 scanned pages OF WRITING OF BARELVI ULEMA they have made so many allegation against supreme ulema of Barelvi. This is similar kind of allegation that barelvi did in the past for deobandi Alim.

7. In India DEOBANDI BARELVI ULEMA remain silent ON CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES and normally their is no open fighting between them and largely remain peaceful. Ulema of Both group have compormised and have learnt to live in harmony.But same cannot be said for pakistan.

8. Already there was minimal relation between two groups.and with the advent of internet forums and Polemics writing of books/website situation is further deteriorating.

9. The level of discussion btw them on internet forums at times go to the level that a muslim should not even think to go that level.


9. No serious attemt has been made in recent past to solve the issue. Big ulemas are silent and middle level are either silent or fighting.

10 Issue is not very complicated but it is projected as complicated and magnified
11.If someone investigate upto original books of controversy he will understand the real problem very easily in a period of days.

12.  This issue is of urgent need to save our generation , and to give space for those who want to do positive for ummat for this world and hereafter.



Khalid Khan said...

Very well said. I hope the scholars from both groups shall sit together some day and sort out their differences to make Islam stronger. May Allah (SWT) give you ajar for this effort!
Assalam o Alaikum

Shafqat Ali said...

Very well brother. You are doing a great job by filling the rifts between two groups. And i think next time you should also come up with the references of books from both side. Jazak-Allah!