Barelvi Deobandi ISSUE IS EMERGENCY else Ummat will lose EVERYTHING

Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa barakatuhu

No body should Infer from our stand in the subsequent posting (that will deal the deobandi barelvi issue) that I am against the great personalities of past and present not respecting them.
(either deobandi/ Barelvi/ from any other self created group.) 

No it is obligatory for muslim to love the waliallhs and their hatred has an announcement of war from Allah Taala. (This is article of a hadith). Please forgive me for any slip of pen.

But I donot believe in glorification/ too much defending because of two reason.

  1. If they have done well/were righteous so any criticism/proof/jealousy will not do any harm to them as Allah decision is absolutely free from any influence and error of judgment and he will be glorified and will have eternal success. The only loss will be the person disrespecting him.
  2. If the fact is contrary whatever be the defence and glorification it is not going to help him anyway in Akhrat.

Just clear the facts (that you have confirmed from ground) in defence and put forward to others if they accept it is good, if they reject leave the matter for Allah.Who is the final judge.

And we are posting these massages as these issues have become most common source of spreading jealousy and hatred among muslim groups.)

Rather we are part of a weak movement for a very strong cause that is ittehad ummat
 (If not absolute ittehad atleast decreasing the hatred and jealousy between different groups).

  1. When we started our first station is Deobandi Barelvi dispute. 

    (Now we have started some work on the next station that is broader one and in English,urdu and others and knowledgable people who want to do something positive for ummat . Please contact me through personal massage on          

    (With this sentence I do not mean OTHERS ARE DOING NEGATIVE. Please forgive me for any slip of pen. If any muslim become dishearten with our mission/approach.we consider it our failure)

We are coming up a book in urdu “Barelvi deobandi ikhtalaf haqaiq aur masle ke hal ki koshish.” (BD dispute,ground reality and a problem solving approach).
Its soft copy is ready and it is under process of review from Deoband and Barelvi ulemas. (And in some cases it became known that some of those who have even written books on this issue have not checked from original sources. Rather relird on the book of other critique.)

  1. It has a approach of problem solving rather argument and counterarguement. We have dealt in depth on all issue including, Aqeeda and writing of Akabir of Deoband and Barelvi, in a rational manne, but respectable mannerr.

(Rational I mean to say if Person A is complaining and showing his injured eye that B has removed his one eye Still we went to B to see and at times found that actually A has removed both eyes of B)
  1. We have not stopped at SCANED PAGES. Rather we got the whole book and confirmed the truth.

   3.For confirming the truth we went to original sources not to the sources of    opponent/criticizing party.

(E.g if someone wanted to know about Islam he should go to quran and Hadith,and Islamic sites, if he goes to JEWS websites what he will get. If you have to confirm something about Sufism and you go to Extreme Salafi brother/website what you are going to get.That is not the correct way of knowing things).

We are very weak but want to start a thinking in ummat to follow quranic principle and Ahadith and way of sahaba and aslaf in the matter of difference of opinion/criticizing other/doing nahi anil munkar of all stages including blaming someone Bidati/mushrik/grave worshipper/kafir/ kufr of association.

We are not claiming that we will solve/help anyway solving the issue but two things we are claiming (Based on our observation)

1. The ration between reality and misprojection/accusation is 5 : 95 in all cases from both side.

2. If the general public will come to know the reality 90% will shed off the Badgumani and hatred. The shading of of badgumani and hatred will range from 50 to 100 % but in any case not less than 50%. (When I will complete my posting you can try it)

All are requested for dua for decreasing hatred and jealousy between muslims even those who are not agreeing to some of my points.Seeking Allah forgiveness and mercy.