Deobandi barelvi present situation

The present Scenario in India
1. If you are searching on internet/Face book/Islamic Forum it will like that There are people of Deoband and Barelvi for Debating only and relation is not good.

 But these are only few people a vocal minority but Majority and mass of Barelvi and Deobandi live peacefully without any issue.
 Even Ulemas of both group are very good. They are god fearing and wants that matter should be solved.
1.Here neither in any MADARSA OF DEOBAND/Bareli any of the controversial books are in syllabus even informally it is not taught.

2.I know some deoband/Bareli graduate that were not knowing even the name and writer of these books.What to talk about its content and the Aqeeda that is alledged by Deobandi/Barelvi Brothers.

3.No one is spreading these books in which it is said that GUSTAKHI/GALAT AQAID are there.You will surprised to know that for our refrence when we searched these books in my city none of these books were availabe.After too much try in big cities only we could get it.

( Further surprise the book taqwiatul imanI AM HAVING has been published by AHLE HADITH Groups.And they have made additional notes from their side also but clearing that it is from there side .)

4. I have met so many Tabligh Jamaat brother they even do not know even these books,what to talk about wrong Aqeeda that is alleged .In india if you ask from any Tablighi brother Hardly anyone is even knowing the name of these book.

Everyone should do effort for ummat unity and for the mission of Hazrat
MUHAMMADIA SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM. Hazrat Muhammad mission was to send people into jannat and striving for that. Deoband has clarified that it does not have such Aqeeda and have maximum love and respect for prophet .If anyone wants to know the official deoband position in this respect he may see following books.
1.Aqaid e Ulema e deoband
2.Maslak e Ulamae Deoband
3.Al Muhannad alal Mufannad.
4 It is also on the DARUL ULOOM DEOBAND WEBSITE on the following linkYAHAN CLICK KAREIN   

All should go ahead for the unification of ummate MUHAMMADIA SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM it is Allah direct command.

Dont be disheartened even  if your mission fails Allah Taala will give me SAWAB and Reward for your NIYAH of Unification of ummate MUHAMMADIA SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM.