What sunni muslim should do if we loves Muhammad S.A.W.

What sunnis should do for Barelvi Deobandi Difference

This ummah has come as a result of sacrifices of Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and Sahaba.For us they sacrificed their everything.

The groupism has torn the ummat and ummat is away from the way of prophet.Specially those who are calling them sunni they are fighting.Already Wahabis Problem was there Sunni people should get together.

Our beloved prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam always tried to bring everyone closer and tried that each person should enter into jannat.

Main samajhta hun ki yeh har sunni ka kam hona chahie ki log kaise jahannam se bach jaye.

100 years back NO ONE WAS DEOBANDI OR BARELVI...........
phir musalmanon ki badqismati se jo hua woh ham sab jante hain What happend only Allah know the best.

Now Ala Hazrat R.A. and Ashraf Ali Sb both have passed. They will not come to solve the issue.

We sunni have to solve the issue????Because we have to carry the mission of our beloved prophet S.A.W.

Main ..............maazi ko Allah ke supurd kar mustaqbil ko dekhta hun................

Allah behtareen faisla karne wale hain

Hamare rasool ka mission ...............logon ko jannat mein le jane ka tha........


1.We should try to put our personal feelings aside and try to accept the truth.

2. Accept the truth.
Prophet peace be upon him said.
‘Say the truth even if it may be bitter’ 

3.The bottom line is, no one is perfect, [except The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam who was Massom and Sahaba,sahaba were magfoor].

4. Rest all Alim/Ghair Alim will always make mistakes, but that shouldn’t stop us from respecting them for their good works.
Its just the way Allah swt has created us, we’re ‘Insaan’ afterall, we were made and designed to ‘forget’.

5. You cannot expect big Ulema from deoband and bareli to come forward to solve the issue. They know that if they meet face to face the matter will be solved.But For them it is very difficult as to shed everything they have had.
If others will start they will certainly join.They are very good people but some one else should have to start.

So start at your level. From your family start convincing, family relative sand neighbors.

Try to be polite,Dont Argue directly, Dont blame Ulemas of Past. If anything wrong is percieved blame it on IBLEES SHAITAN.

6. Dont wait for result. Start doing the work ,Even one person is not ready to shed the difference Allah Taala will give you reward for Uniting Ummat and Prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi wasallam will give the return on HAUZE KAUSAR.

May Allah give us Taufeeq to do something for deen before our death. Afterward only sorrow will be and no time.