Considering Rasulullah S.A.W as elder brother(Nauzubillah):Deoband ka Maslak/views Barelvi Deobandi Munazra in Urdu and English from Aqeedah e ulmae deoband

Yeh Jawab Deoband ki Kitab Aqaid e Ulmae Deoband se liya gaya hai Jismein Barelvi Deobandi Tanaza Ke Mutalliq Deoband ne Apna Moqif zahir kiya hai.Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri ne likha hai aur 24 Dusre ulma ne dastkhat kiya hai.

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Question Seventeen

Do you say that the Prophet – Allah bless him and grant him peace – is not superior to us but like the superiority of an elder brother to a younger brother, and nothing more? Did one of you write such content in a book?

None of us, nor our noble predecessors, believe this at all. We do not believe a man from the weak ones in faith even utter the like of such falsehood. Whoever says that the Prophet – upon him peace – has no superiority over us but as an elder brother is superior to the younger, we believe with respect to him that he is outside the domain of faith. The works of all the elders state the opposite of this, and they clarified and expressed and reviewed the modes of his excellences and his – upon him peace – favour upon us, the assembly of the ummah, in a number of ways, whereby it is not possible to affirm the like of one of these things to any person from the creatures, let alone its entirety. If one invents the like of such flimsy falsehood upon us or upon our predecessors, it is baseless and should not be heeded at all, for indeed his – upon him peace – being the most virtuous of all humanity and the most honourable of all creation and his – upon him peace – chieftaincy over all Prophets and his imamate over the Prophets is from the decisive matters which is not possible for the lowest Muslim to have doubt about it at all. Despite this, if one attributes to us the likes of such falsehoods, let him clarify its place from our works so we can show to every fair understanding person his ignorance and his wrong understanding along with his apostasy and evil religiosity, by His – Exalted is He – might and His powerful strength.

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