Istawa Alal Arsh/Throne:Deoband ka Maslak/views Barelvi Deobandi Munazra in Urdu and English from Aqaid ulmae deoband

Yeh Jawab Deoband ki Kitab Aqaid e Ulmae Deoband se liya gaya hai Jismein Barelvi Deobandi Tanaza Ke Mutalliq Deoband ne Apna Moqif zahir kiya hai.Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri ne likha hai aur 24 Dusre ulma ne dastkhat kiya hai.

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Questions Thirteen and Fourteen

What is your opinion on the likes of His – Exalted is He – statement “The Most Merciful ascended the Throne?” Do you allow the affirmation of direction and place for the Creator – Exalted is He – or what is your opinion regarding it?

Our opinion regarding the likes of these verses is that we believe in them, and “how?” is not asked, and we believe in Allah – Glorified and Exalted is He – transcendent and pure of the attributes of creatures and from the qualities of imperfection and temporality as is the opinion of our predecessors. As for what the latecomers from our imams said on these verses, interpreting them with sound interpretations, permissible linguistically and legally, in that it is possible that the intent of ascension is domination and of hand is power etc. to make it accessible to the understandings of the deficient, it is also correct according to us.
As for direction and place, we do not allow affirming them for Him – Exalted is He – and we say that He – Exalted is He – is pure and transcendent beyond them and from all qualities of temporality

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