Darood Shareef,Dala’il al-Khayrat or the Awrad (litanies):Deoband ka Maslak/views Barelvi Deobandi Munazra in Urdu and English from Aqaid Ulma e Deoband

Yeh Jawab Deoband ki Kitab Aqaid e Ulmae Deoband se liya gaya hai Jismein Barelvi Deobandi Tanaza Ke Mutalliq Deoband ne Apna Moqif zahir kiya hai.Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri ne likha hai aur 24 Dusre ulma ne dastkhat kiya hai.

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The English Translation

Question Seven
What is your opinion on excessively sending praise on the Prophet – Allah bless him and grant him peace – and reciting Dala’il al-Khayrat or the Awrad (litanies)?

Excessively sending praise on the Prophet – Allah bless him and grant him peace – is desirable according to us and it is from the most hopeful of the acts of obedience and the most beloved of desirable acts, whether it is recitation of al-Dala’il or the litanies on blessings compiled on it or other than it. However, the most virtuous according to us is what is authentic in his wording – Allah bless him and grant him peace – and if one were to send blessing with other than what was transmitted from him – Allah bless him and grant him peace – it is not devoid of virtue and it merits the good tidings of “Whoever sends blessing on me once, Allah sends blessing on him ten times.”
Our shaykh ‘Allamah al-Gangohi would recite al-Dala’il, and likewise, other mashayikh from our masters. And our master and our guide the pivot of the world, the revered Hajj Imdad Allah – Allah sanctify his mighty secret – wrote [it] amongst his councils and he instructed his disciples to divide it into set-portions [to be recited regularly], and they would narrate al-Dala’il in transmission, and Mawlana al-Gangohi – Allah’s mercy be upon him – would issue licences for al-Dala’il.

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