Life/Hayat of Rasulullah S.A.W in Grave:Deoband ka Maslak/views Barelvi Deobandi Munazra in Urdu and English from Aqeedah e ulmae deoband

Yeh Jawab Deoband ki Kitab Aqaid e Ulmae Deoband se liya gaya hai Jismein

Barelvi Deobandi Tanaza Ke Mutalliq Deoband ne Apna Moqif zahir kiya hai.

Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri ne likha hai aur 24 Dusre ulma ne dastkhat kiya hai.

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English Tranlation of Text

Question Five
What is your position in regards to the life of the Prophet – upon him blessing and peace - in his noble grave? Is that a matter exclusive to him or is it only an intermediary (barzakhiyyah) life like the rest of the believers?

According to us and according to our elders, the Prophet - Allah bless him and grant him peace - is alive in his grave. His life is a material life free from any responsibility, and it is exclusive to him - Allah bless him and grant him peace – and all the Prophets – Allah’s blessings be upon them - and the martyrs, not an intermediary life, as is the case with the remainder of the believers, rather for all of mankind; as explicated by ‘Allamah al-Suyuti in his treatise Inba’ al-Adhkiya’ bi Hayat al-Anbiya’ (Enlightening the Intelligent About the Lives of the Prophets), where he said:
“Shaykh Taqi al-Din al-Subki said, ‘The life of the prophets and martyrs in their grave is like their life in this world. The prayer of the prophet Musa - upon him be peace - in his grave testifies to this, as prayer requires a living body…”
Subsequently, it is established through this that his life is [both] material and intermediary, due to its being in the intermediary realm (‘alam al-barzakh).
An entire treatise, scrupulously referenced, articulately expressed and unparalleled, has been written in relation to this topic by our shaykh, the sun of Islam and religion, Muhammad [Qasim al-Nanotwi] the distributer of the sciences to those who sought benefit [from him] - Allah sanctify his mighty secret. It has been printed and is currently widely-available amongst the people, whose title is Abe Hayat (The Water of Life).

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