Waseela of Rasulullah S.A.W and Aulia Allah:Deoband ka Maslak Deoband Barelvi Munazra in urdu english

Yeh Jawab Deoband ki Kitab Aqaid e Ulmae Deoband se liya gaya hai Jismein Barelvi Deobandi Tanaza Ke Mutalliq Deoband ne Apna Moqif zahir kiya hai.Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri ne likha hai aur 24 Dusre ulma ne dastkhat kiya hai.

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English Translation of the Text

Questions Three and Four
Is it [permissible] for a man to take a means (tawassala) in his supplication through the Prophet – Allah bless him and grant him peace – after [his] death or not? Is taking a means (tawassul) through righteous predecessors, from the prophets and truthful saints (siddiqin) and martyrs, and the Friends of the Lord of the Worlds, permissible according to you or not?

According to us and according to our mashayikh taking a means in supplications through Prophets and the righteous, from the Friends, martyrs and truthful saints, is permissible during their lifetime and after their death in that one says: “O Allah! I take so-and-so as a means to You that you accept my supplication and You accomplish my need,” etc. as stated by our shaykh and our master Shah Muhammad Ishaq al-Dehlawi thumma al-Muhajir al-Makki; and then our shaykh and our master Rashid Ahmad al-Gangohi – Allah’s mercy on them – clarified it in his Fatawa which is in this time widespread and abundant in the hands of people, and this issue is mentioned on page 93 of the first volume of it, so whoever wishes may refer to it.

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